Korean for fun

This page is a crash course of Korean, designed for those who need Korean words and phrases for unexpected reasons, yet urgently, or just for fun. You don’t need to have a Korean software to view these pages because the texts are displayed in graphics. (You can also download the image you want for publication purposes.) When you click on each text image, you can also hear how it sounds.

(i) simple phrases
(ii) smart phrases
Eating, Drinking, Traveling, and shopping.
(i) numbers and money
(ii) food and drinks (1) food words
(2) food phrases
(3) drink words
(4) drink phrases
(iii) transportation
(iv) call a doctor!
Dating a Korean!
(i) do you have time?
(ii) shall we …?
(iii) moving forward

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  • Michelle Lampton

    I lived in Seoul for 5 years due to work and so as you can imagine, I had to learn the Korean language in a very short space of time. Just offering my advice to anyone else looking to learn this language and that is to follow the Rocket ‘Learn Korean’ program at:


    It worked very well for me as I was completely fluent in the language in well under a year from following it and I didn’t have to pay massive teacher fees like my work originally advised to me. An absolute life saver 🙂