Hanja lessons: Lessons 15

*How do I use this chart?

words, speech; talk, speak, express; mean 言語[언어]language, speech
言及[언급]allude to, mention
言行[언행]words and action, speech and action

walk; do; action, behavior 行動[행동]behavior, conduct; action, movement
行事[행사]conduct, actions; a function, an event

much, many, mostly 多少[다소]many and few; some; quantity, amount
多幸[다행]good fortune, good luck
多情[다정]kindness, humaneness



obtain, gain, attain, acquire

得點[득점]score, earn points; the score
得票[득표]number of votes received
得失[득실]gain and loss; advantages and
disadvantages; merits and demerits

lose, neglect, miss, err; ommission 失敗[실패]fail, blunder, miscarry
失望[실망]be disappointed; despair
失手[실수]make a mistake, err, blunder

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