Korean for fun: Basics II — Smart Phrases

The following phrases are complete sentences by themselves. However, you can also make multiple sentences with them. All you have to do is put the word you want in front of the phrase. For example:

dum_cffee.gif (1064 bytes) + dum_givme_1.gif (1182 bytes) = dum_cffee.gif (1064 bytes) dum_givme_1.gif (1182 bytes)
k’uh-p’i chu-se-yo k’uh-p’i chu-se-yo
coffee give me “Give me coffee.” ” I’d like to have coffee, please.”


dum__is_q.gif (1236 bytes)
Is there …? Is … there? Do you have …? Have you got …?
dum_is_d.gif (1202 bytes)
There is … ; I have … ; … is here
dum__isnot_q.gif (1249 bytes)
Is there not …? Is … not there? Do you not have …?
dum_isnot_d.gif (1204 bytes)
There is not … ; … is not here ; I don’t have …
dum_givme_1.gif (1182 bytes)
Give me …; I’d like …, please.
dum_do_q.gif (1275 bytes)
Do you do …? Do you speak …?
dum_idontknow.gif (1177 bytes)
I don’t know ; I don’t know …
dum_nice_q.gif (1229 bytes)
Is it good? Do you like it? ; Is … good? Do you like …?
dum_nce_1.gif (1172 bytes)
It’s good. I like it. Okay ; … is good. I like …
dum_where.gif (1347 bytes)
Where is …?
dum_whatisit.gif (1259 bytes)
What is …?
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    similar to English. delicious? vs delicious. sort of this phrase

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