Hanja lessons: Lessons 7

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Hanja meaning usage



父母 [부모] father and mother (parents)

父親 [부친](one’s) father [formal]

學父兄 [학부형] parents/guardian of a student



姨母 [이모] aunt (mother’s sister)

丈母 [장모] (one’s) mother-in-law

母國語 [모국어] mother tongue


writing, literature, culture

文化 [문화] culture

文明 [문명] civilization

文學 [문학] literature

water, fluid, liquid

水道 [수도] water works; water services

生水 [생수] spring water (bottled water)

水平線 [수평선] water horizon


tree, wood, wooden

木手 [목수] a carpenter

植木日 [식목일] Arbor Day

木材 [목재] lumber, timber



Examples  (Translations are given below.)


父母님께 효도하세요.

父親께서 무슨 일을 하십니까?

다음 주 금요일에 學父兄 회의가 있습니다.

姨母는 어머니의 언니 또는 여동생입니다.

저희 丈母님은 음식을 잘 하십니다.

영어를 母國語로 하는 사람을 찾습니다.

프랑스 文化에 대해서 공부하고 싶습니다.

인도 文明은 갠지스 강가에서 시작했다.

이번 학기에 일본 문학 수업을 들어요.

“下水道 공사 중

수돗물을 그냥 마시지 말고, 生水를 마시세요.

水平線 위에 갈매기가 날아간다.

미국 木手들이 한국 木手보다 돈을 더 많이 벌어요.

植木日은 나무를 심는 날입니다.

이 집은 좋은 木材로 만들었어요.


Be nice to your parents. (Lit. Perform filial-piety to your parents.)
What kind of work does your father do?
There is a PTA meeting on next Friday.

A maternal aunt is your mother’s older or younger sisters.
My mother-in-law cooks very well.
We are looking for people who speaks English as their mother tongue.

I would like to study the French culture.
The Indian civilization started at Ganges River.
I take a class on the Japanese literature during this semester.

“Sewage Under Construction”
Don’t drink the tap water, but drink the bottled water.
Seagulls are flying over the (sea) horizon.

American carpenters make more money than Korean carpenters.
Arbor Day is the day you plant trees.
This house is made with good lumber (wood).

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