Hanja lessons: Lessons 5

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four 四一九 [사일구] April 9th Student Revolution   四方 [사방] the four directions; everywhere

四寸 [사촌] cousin



five 五月 [오월] May 五十 [오십] fifty

五行 [오행] the Five Elements


여섯    육

six 六月 [유월] June 六十 [육십] sixty

六二五 [육이오] Six Two Five; the Korean War


이제      금

now, the present 今年 [금년] this year (=올해)方今 [방금] just now

只今 [지금] (right) now


공변될     공

impartial, fair; public 公開 [공개] open to the public公務員 [공무원] government employee

公平 [공평] fair, impartial


Examples  (Translations are given below.)

사일구: 사일구 학생운동은 1960년에 일어났다.
사방: 사방에 전화해서 너의 전화번호를 물어보았다.
사촌: 나의 사촌 형은 은행에 다닙니다.

오월: 한국에는 오월에 결혼식을 하는 사람이 많다.
오십: 이것이나 저것이나 “오십 보 백 보”*이다.
오행: 물, 불, 나무, 쇠, 흙을 오행이라고 한다.

유월: 유월은 벌써 여름입니다. (NB: Only here, 六 reads유, not 육.)
육십: 나이 육십을 환갑이라고도 한다.
육이오: 육이오 때, 많은 가족들이 남과 북으로 헤어졌다.

금년: 금년에 태어나는 아이들은 토끼띠입니다.
방금: 저도 방금 왔어요.
지금: 지금 만날까요?

공개: 한국 정부는 내일 그 계획을 공개할 것이다.
공무원: 공무원들은 가끔 불친절하지요?
공평: 그 사람의 말은 공평하지 않았기 때문에, 모두 반대했다.



April-19th Student (Revolution) Movement happened in 1960.
I called everywhere to ask for your phone number.
My cousin brother works at a bank.

In Korea, there are a lot of people who have wedding in May.
This (way) or that (way), there is hardly any difference.
(*Literally, it means “Fifty feet and a hundred feet.”  It is from an old Chinese story, where a soldier who was running away fifty feet from a battle field stopped and laughed at another who had already run a hundred feet.)
Water, fire, wood, metal, and earth are called the Five Elements.

June is already summer.
The age of sixty is also called “hwan-gap (a sexagenarian).”
During the Korean War, many family members were separated to north and south.

The children who are born this year are Rabbits [in Chinese zodiac].
I also have come just now.
Shall we meet right now?

The Korean government will release the plan tomorrow.
Government workers are not kind sometimes, aren’t they?
Because his words were not fair, many people objected to it.

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