Hanja lessons: Lessons 11

*How do I use this chart?

be born; life; student;
raw, fresh
生活[생활] living, existence
生命[생명] life
生存[생존] survival, survive

die; death;
死刑[사형] death penalty, capital punishment
死亡[사망] death
死後[사후] after death, posthumous

use, employ;
apply, practical
使用[사용] use, employ
用紙[용지] dorms; stationery
用務[용무] business, matters to take care of

root, origin, native; main 本國[본국] one’s native country, homeland
本部[본부] headquarters, home office
資本[자본] asset; Capital

end, finally;
powder, dust
末葉[말엽] the end of an age
末日[말일] the last day, the end
末世[말세] the end of the world, a degenerate age

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