Hanja lessons: Lessons 4

*How do I use this chart?






七月[칠월] July
七十[칠십] seventy
七旬[칠순] seventy days; seventy years



八月 [팔월] August
八道 [팔도] the Eight Provinces of Korea
八字[팔자] destiny; fate


middle, within;
hit, attain

中心 [중심] the center, middle; balance
中學校[중학교]   middle school
中間 [중간] the middle,  medium, in-between


mountain, hill

山脈 [산맥] mountain range
登山 [등산] mountain-climbing; alpining
山沙汰 [산사태] landslide

아닐 불/

no, not; un-,in-,non-

不自然 [부자연] unnatural
不安 [불안] anxiety, uneasiness
不過 [불과] only, merely, doesn’t exceed

Examples  (Translations are given below.)
칠월: 칠월은 한여름이기 때문에 아주 더워요.

칠십:칠십년대에는 디스코가 유행했어요.

칠순: 우리 할아버지는 올해 칠순이세요.

팔월: 팔월 십오일은 광복절입니다.

팔도: 전국 팔도에서 만세 운동이 일어났다.

*팔자: 나는 왜 이렇게 팔자가 나쁘지?

*Literally meaning ‘the eight letters,’ the word refers to the canonical sexagenary signs of one’s birth time. Each of the time unit, i.e., year, month, day, and hour, is defined by signs from two sets of cosmological cycle–the Chinese zodiac is one of them–, which makes eight signs to decide a person’s fate.
중심: 옛날 사람들은 지구가 우주의 중심이라고 생각했다.

중학교: 한국의 중학교에서는 3년 동안 공부해요.

중간: 한국은 중국하고 일본의 중간에 있습니다.

산맥: 로키 산맥은 미국에 있어요.

등산: 저는 등산을 좋아해요.

산사태: 산에 나무가 없으면, 산사태가 나기 쉬워요.

부자연: 그 테이블이 거기에 있으면, 분위기가 부자연스럽습니다.

불안: 좀 불안해요.

불과: 저는 아직 학생에 불과해요.

(NB) It reads 부 before ㄷ and ㅈ; 불, elsewhere.


Being midsummer, it is very hot in July.
During the 70’s, disco was popular.
Our grandfather is 70 this year.
August 15 is National Liberation Day.
Manse Movement (=Independence Movement) arose in all eight provinces of the entire country.
How come my fate is so bad (=cruel)?
People in the old days thought that the earth was the center of the universe.
In Korean middle schools, they study for three years.
Korea is located in the middle of China and Japan.
The Rocky Mountains is in America.
I like mountain-climbing.
If there is no trees in mountains, they are prone to landslide.
Should that table be there, the ambience is unnatural.
I am a little worried.
I am no more than a student yet.  (=I am only a student.)

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