Korean lessons

Korean Lessons contain short step-by-step materials for you to study Korean with.  It starts with some fundamental features of the Korean language, Hangul, and basic sentence structures.  It is based on the lecture notes of my Korean class.

Lesson 1 Fundamental features of Korean language
Lesson 2 Hangul, the Korean alphabetic system
Lesson 3 Some phonological notes
Lesson 4 Base form and stem in a predicate
Lesson 5 Forming predicates with verbs, adjectives, and nouns
Lesson 6 Subject markers
Lesson 7 Object markers
Lesson 8 Who? What? Where?
Lesson 9 This ‘n that, here ‘n there
Lesson 10 Styles of speech — a broad picture
Lesson 11 Numbers (I) — General description and Chinese numbers
Lesson 12 Numbers (II) — Native Korean numbers
Lesson 13 Locative markers (-e and -eso^)

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