Korean lessons: Lesson 5: Sample Dialogue

A: 무엇이에요? What is it?
B: 사과이에요. It’s an apple.
A: 무엇이에요? What is it?
B: 책이에요. It’s a book.
A: 비싸요? Is it expensive?
B: 아니오.  싸요. No. It is cheap.
A: 바지 좋아요? Are the pants good? (Do you like them?)
B: 네. 좋아요. Yes. They are good. (I like them.)
A: 편안해요? Are they comfortable?
B: 네. 편안해요. Yes.  They are comfortable.
A: 모자  괜찮아요? Is the hat okay?
B: 아니오.  싫어요. No.  It is dislikable. (I don’t like it.)
A: 싫어요? Dislikable? (You don’t like them?)
B: 네.   작아요. Yes.  It is small.

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