Korean lessons: Lesson 6: Answer

1. 이 사람이 친구이에요. This is a friend.
2. 장미가 비싸요. Roses are expensive.
3. 물이 차요. The water is cold.
4. 나무가 좋아요. Trees are good. (I like trees.)
5. 저 사람이 건강해요. That person is healthy.
6. 돈이 많아요. There are a lot of money.
7. 아기가 건강해요. The baby is healthy.
8. 이것이 모자이에요. This is a hat.
9. 여기가 학교이에요. There (or, this) is a school.
10. 바지가 작아요. The pants are small.
11. 공부가 싫어요. Studying is dislikable. (I hate studying.)
12. 차가 와요 (<오+아요). A car comes. (Here comes a/the car.)
13. 그 친구가 일해요. That friend works.
14. 집이 어디이에요? Where is your home? (Where do you live?)
15. 저 사람이 누구이에요? Who is that man?
16. 책이 싸요 (<싸+아요). The book is cheap/inexpensive.
17. 매디슨(Madison)이 멀어요. Madison is far (from here).
18. 이 컴퓨터가 괜찮아요. This computer is okay.
19. 동생이 자요 (<자+아요). My younger sibling is sleeping.
20. 숙제가 많아요. Homework is a lot. (I have a lot of home work.)

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